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Robopac HS30 Pallet Wrapper

Maker: Robopac - Made in Italy
Fully automated pallet wrapping machine with infeed and outfeed roller conveyors.

The unit uses a stationary pallet wrapping system.
The pallet is clamped to the base conveyor, and then the wrapping film is rotated around and up and down the product on the pallet.

The Robopac HELIX HS 30 is suitable for medium to high production systems with a capacity of more than 65 pallets per hour. (in excess of one per minute)

It includes ensuring the stability of pallets, overlap and prestressing of the wrapping film.
Dimensions: Length 3640mm x Width 4000mm x Height 3590mm
Weight: ~ 1300kg
Price: $17,500.00 + GST - Prices are in $NZ.
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