Ferguson machinery


SM Wheeling Machine

Maker: Alloy Yachts International - made in New Zealand
Heavy duty wheeling machine.

Extra forming wheels.

Hydraulic bottom wheel feed with adjustable speed.

Hydraulic top wheel raise and lower.

Control gauges for feed and downward pressure.

C-frame also has hydraulic tilt control.

A number of spare forming wheels, of different shapes and sizes come with the machine.

Those not shown with a measure, in the photos, have the following dimensions -
310mm diameter with 60mm wide radiused rim.
230mm diameter with 25mm wide flat rim
210mm diameter with 25mm wide flat rim
310mm diameter with 50mm wide flat rim

The trolley, that carrys the spare wheels, is included.

The dimensions shown include the floor frame but not the control panel which makes the overall length of the machine 3.5 metres.
Dimensions: Length 2800mm x Width 1930mm x Height 2800mm
Weight: ~ 2205kg
Price: $11,500.00 + GST - Prices are in $NZ.
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